Saturday, November 15, 2014

How To Get $80 of Clothes for Free on 'Twice' - This is For Real!

I had such a great response to my Twice posts on Facebook that I thought I would just write a post about it for those who were truly interested! This way I don't have to message y'all individually. It's not too good to be true, it's basically extreme couponing guys!

Here is how Twice works and how to get in on the deal: 

1. Click on that link on Facebook that I posted or just click here and register for an account and receive a $10 credit.

 2. Download the Twice app on up to 3 different devices (there may be some quirks on android devices. I ended up using 3 apple devices to avoid them) for a $10 credit per app downloaded. It will credit you with the $10 each time when you sign in to the app with the same account.
At this point you now have $40 credit on your account. Make sense? If you don't have that many devices you can still get as much credit as possible from what you do have. 

3. Pick out up to $80 worth of clothes.

4. Use this coupon code at checkout to get 50% off your first order: FIRSTPURCHASE50

5. Complete your order and have $80 worth of clothes sent to you. For Free!

ENJOY! I needed a little help from my friend when I did it so let me know if you have questions. I put everything I figured out on this post though so you probably won't need help. Here's what I got!

Extra info on shipping:

1. If you get $80 worth of stuff it's free but you pay the $4.95 shipping. Bada-bing, bada-boom, you've got all the $80 of clothes for just $4.95 shipping (we can't rob them blind right? ;))

2. If you have $98 or more in your cart to begin with, after the 50% off it's $49 in your cart. All orders over $49 ship free. So then, minus the -$40 of store credit you earned, your total is $9 and that's what you check out with. So shipping was free and you got $98 worth of stuff for $9.

3. Want it 100% free and don't wanna pay a dime? Get your $40 credit, order $70 worth of clothing. Use 50% off and total is $35, plus the $4.95 shipping, equals $39.95 = completely covered by your $40 credit.

Start playing around on the site and it will make more sense.

Please just ask if you have questions and I will help you out.

(PS I don't work for them or get paid to share this, it's just a great deal!)