How We Met

Derek and I met on October 4, 2012 at a birthday party I was hostessing for one of my best friends. She had met Derek a few weeks before at a different gathering and thought I might like him, and that he might like me. So, she sort of sneakily invited him to her birthday party so we might get the chance to meet. The stars must have aligned that night because as much as my friend and I laughed our heads off about how silly it was to invite this stranger to the party, I was instantly drawn to him.

In my mind I thought, no, there's no way. It just doesn't happen this way, not for me, not this easily. Also, he must not be that great of a guy. After all, he does play baseball and you know how those college athletes can be. And after all, he's too good looking to be genuine. Luckily, I was wrong about all of those things. Very wrong.

I was smitten. But I had been smitten many times before, so it didn't seem much different this time. Eventually he asked me on a date. We went to a BYU volleyball game together and really clicked and had a great time. He asked if I'd like to go out again sometime and my reply was "yes... how about... tomorrow?" I found out later how shocked he was that I was that forward. It didn't seem that strange to me. When you like someone, you want to spend time with them, right? Right.

After that second date, we were inseparable. 

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